Making A Mission Statement

18 Sep

I went to Nightingale Conant the other day and made a mission statement.  I just went there to get the url of the site for you guys (here it is by the way and just saw they have some examples of a mission statement which I wish I would have seen before I made mine (I can go back in and change it).

I put down the amount of money that I would like to acquire within the next year and a couple of other things.  Within just a few days of filling out my mission statement  I obtained more money than I had “obtained” in the last 4 months.  I was thrilled.

Since I am all about honesty (for the most part anyway)  I have to say that after about a week I quit looking at the mission statement.  That is a big mistake.  I need to look at it everyday. 

I mentioned in my last post about making money that I had written down my goals.  I did that.  Wrote them down on some cards and carried them around with me.  Then I stopped.  I believe I may have asked this question somewhere else on this blog but I will ask once again. Are we sensing a pattern here?  

The reason that I started this blog in the first place was so that I would begin to take some action and maybe hold myself accountable a little bit.  True I have taken more action since starting this blog than I had in quite sometime but where is the follow through.  Where is the sticktoitiveness?

Fortunately the goal cards that I wrote are sitting right beside my computer and even though I have not even looked at them for about a month.  I just put them in my pocket and start carrying them with me.  I will also look at them a few times everyday.

I am also going to make my mission statement visible on the desktop of my computer so that it is the first and last thing I see when I turn it on.  I will do this right after I publish this article.

I think that from now on I am going to end every article with my favorite saying from Earl Nightingale “You become what you think about”.


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