Making Some Money

15 Aug

I am trying to come up with a fews ideas for making some money.  Writing is something that is not a passion of mine but I saw this product about ghost writing and am going to give it a whirl.  It is called ghoast writing for cash or something like that.  I found it at  I also got the How To Be Successful In Life ebook that they advertise in the sidebar.  Absolutely brilliant is all I have to say.  Way underpriced to.

I really need to sit dowa a do some brainstorming.  It is said that it only takes one idea to make a fortune. 

I have really been putting to much pressure on myself to try and come up with some ideas to make some money.  I probably need to take a step back and and let the ideas come to me.

As far as my goals are coming, you know, writing them down and keeping them in front of me.  Nooooo

I even have some cards sitting right next to me (they have been sitting there for four days) that I am going to write my goals down and carry them with me and look at them a few times everyday.

Well it is 7:15 am on Monday Aug. 15 and I will have them written down by the end of the day. 

Not going to wait any longer.  I am going to publish this post right now and then go ahead and write them down.  I will have my GOAL CARDS within the next 20 minutes.


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