The Goal Is Set

30 Jul

Ok, since I committed myself in an earlier post that I would have a goal set by the end of the day I sat down and did it.  I want XX amount of money in my checking account by Oct. 1. 

The first dollar amount that I put down intimidated me and it was not really that much so I raised it some more.  To many people it may not seem like much but to me it does.

If you thought doubt and fear was a problem before I set the goal it has intensified considerably since I made the decision and wrote it down.  Let the battle begin.

My son had bible camp this week and they had a little concert this evening.  It has been quite sometime since I have been to any social gathering.

I would love the money to come from one certain source and have been trying desperatley for quite sometime to make that happen but now I am going to let the money come to me and I don’t care how it happens.  There is an endless supply of opportunities out there so why focus on just one.

There is a good chance that I will add on to this post instead of starting another on.  Will just have to see.


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