Set Back Already

29 Jul

One thing that I may need to clarify is that we do make money just not near enough to cover what is going out (up until now).  I have a couple of websites that I do some affiliate marketing with. 

Three of them were ranking very well in the search engines and late yesterday afternoon they lost ranking and are not showing up in the search engines. 

Before the start of “Attract This” it surely would have bothered me but now “water off a duck”.

I was listening to the self hypnosis tape yesterday and he says the same thing as everybody else, you have to set a goal.  As I mentioned in my first post I do not have any goals and have not set any for a couple of years now.  The last goals I set were about three years ago.

I actually reached a few of them and instead of setting a few more and really taking another step forward in my life, I slowly quit looking at my goal sheet and allowed negative thoughts to enter my mind.  I began to read the bible less. 

I quit listening to the motivational tapes and books that I had.  Everything just stopped.  It is beyond me why I would allow this to happen but I did.

I am at a point in my life that I have isolated myself pretty much from all human contact except for my wife and kids. 

No matter what I will have some sort of goal written down by the time this day ends.


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