Fear of Failure

29 Dec

I have no idea why the fear of failure is always pestering me.   Before I go any further let me say that today I do not have a care in the world.  I will have food to eat, I will spend time with my family, I do have a place to sleep, etc. etc. etc….

I got up early this morning and went outside.  It is an absolutely beautiful morning here in Nebraska, especially for this time of year (end of Dec.).   Not to far into the walk here it comes, how can we make some more money, we don’t make enough money, we are going to lose everything.  It is just silly.

I think that my big problem is instead of focusing on my goals, which I am pretty wishy washy about, I just focus on lack.  Fear and negativity is a sin so I need to put an end to it and get some faith.  Believe that God will supply all of my needs.

I used to hang around with successful people and now I just isolate myself.

The title of this website is Attract This and I do believe that you will attract whatever it is that you think about.  Whatever you keep your focus on, so if I don’t get some goals and start focusing on them things are not very likely to turn around.

Things need to change.  It is time for a change and that change starts right now.


Making A Mission Statement

18 Sep

I went to Nightingale Conant the other day and made a mission statement.  I just went there to get the url of the site for you guys (here it is by the way nightingale.com/) and just saw they have some examples of a mission statement which I wish I would have seen before I made mine (I can go back in and change it).

I put down the amount of money that I would like to acquire within the next year and a couple of other things.  Within just a few days of filling out my mission statement  I obtained more money than I had “obtained” in the last 4 months.  I was thrilled.

Since I am all about honesty (for the most part anyway)  I have to say that after about a week I quit looking at the mission statement.  That is a big mistake.  I need to look at it everyday. 

I mentioned in my last post about making money that I had written down my goals.  I did that.  Wrote them down on some cards and carried them around with me.  Then I stopped.  I believe I may have asked this question somewhere else on this blog but I will ask once again. Are we sensing a pattern here?  

The reason that I started this blog in the first place was so that I would begin to take some action and maybe hold myself accountable a little bit.  True I have taken more action since starting this blog than I had in quite sometime but where is the follow through.  Where is the sticktoitiveness?

Fortunately the goal cards that I wrote are sitting right beside my computer and even though I have not even looked at them for about a month.  I just put them in my pocket and start carrying them with me.  I will also look at them a few times everyday.

I am also going to make my mission statement visible on the desktop of my computer so that it is the first and last thing I see when I turn it on.  I will do this right after I publish this article.

I think that from now on I am going to end every article with my favorite saying from Earl Nightingale “You become what you think about”.

Making Some Money

15 Aug

I am trying to come up with a fews ideas for making some money.  Writing is something that is not a passion of mine but I saw this product about ghost writing and am going to give it a whirl.  It is called ghoast writing for cash or something like that.  I found it at meandmysuccess.com.  I also got the How To Be Successful In Life ebook that they advertise in the sidebar.  Absolutely brilliant is all I have to say.  Way underpriced to.

I really need to sit dowa a do some brainstorming.  It is said that it only takes one idea to make a fortune. 

I have really been putting to much pressure on myself to try and come up with some ideas to make some money.  I probably need to take a step back and and let the ideas come to me.

As far as my goals are coming, you know, writing them down and keeping them in front of me.  Nooooo

I even have some cards sitting right next to me (they have been sitting there for four days) that I am going to write my goals down and carry them with me and look at them a few times everyday.

Well it is 7:15 am on Monday Aug. 15 and I will have them written down by the end of the day. 

Not going to wait any longer.  I am going to publish this post right now and then go ahead and write them down.  I will have my GOAL CARDS within the next 20 minutes.

Writing Down Your Goals

3 Aug

Why is it so darn difficult to write down your goals everyday?  It would take a total of about 3 minutes of my time if I just wrote them down once. 

I can find three minutes to sit down and watch a little tv.  I can find 3 minutes to burn searching the internet for something that I don’t really need.  Amazing isn’t it.  I’m sure that you are not having the same problem though.  Good for you!

I have been pretty good about taking about 10 minutes a day to meditate on my goals.  I actually have three of them with one of them being my primary.

I find a comfortable place to lie or sit down.  Read my list over a few times.  Relax.  Meditate.

The biggest result I am experiencing right now is peace of mind.  At this moment and time I actually believe that everything is going to come to pass.  I will try to come back later and update this post.  I prefer doing that instead of starting a new one.

Update 8/7/11

I have been watching this brodcast  over and over recently and I am loving it.  Gloria Copeland and George Pearsons.  I tried to figure out a way to put the video up on this page but no luck.  Try to find some time to watch it.  It will do you some good.  http://www.kcm.org/media/webcast/gloria-copeland-and-pastor-george-pearsons/110802-10-more-extraordinary-days-of-prosperity-week-1

Tweaked My Goal

31 Jul

OK, so as I was looking at my goal yesterday and a different one came to me and I am so glad that it did.  It will take a little longer but is far better than the one that I had before. 

I have set the date, I am going with Jan.1st.  Since it is said that you should put a date on it that is what I have done.

I am going to follow some of the advice out there which in my opinion is proven advice because it has worked for me before and that advice is to write it down everyday and look at it.  I have to keep it in front of me.

I can not allow my mind to think of or dwell on anything that is unproductive.  I have done way to much of that the last couple of years and it has not produced any positive results. 

I found an ebook on my computer today titled Create YourOwn Economy by Bob Proctor and in it he says “If you want to earn a lot of money, there is one simple prerequisite—you must make a decision that you are going to earn a lot of money, that is it. It is as simple as it sounds.” 

I am gonig to agree with him.  How can you not. 

This particular chapter goes on to say the following.  “Kick it around as much as you want, but at the final analysis you will find that that is the common denominator that has enabled wealthy people to earn a lot of money. Decision!” 

When I began this blog I made the decision to turn my life around and become the success that I want to be.

The Goal Is Set

30 Jul

Ok, since I committed myself in an earlier post that I would have a goal set by the end of the day I sat down and did it.  I want XX amount of money in my checking account by Oct. 1. 

The first dollar amount that I put down intimidated me and it was not really that much so I raised it some more.  To many people it may not seem like much but to me it does.

If you thought doubt and fear was a problem before I set the goal it has intensified considerably since I made the decision and wrote it down.  Let the battle begin.

My son had bible camp this week and they had a little concert this evening.  It has been quite sometime since I have been to any social gathering.

I would love the money to come from one certain source and have been trying desperatley for quite sometime to make that happen but now I am going to let the money come to me and I don’t care how it happens.  There is an endless supply of opportunities out there so why focus on just one.

There is a good chance that I will add on to this post instead of starting another on.  Will just have to see.

Set Back Already

29 Jul

One thing that I may need to clarify is that we do make money just not near enough to cover what is going out (up until now).  I have a couple of websites that I do some affiliate marketing with. 

Three of them were ranking very well in the search engines and late yesterday afternoon they lost ranking and are not showing up in the search engines. 

Before the start of “Attract This” it surely would have bothered me but now “water off a duck”.

I was listening to the self hypnosis tape yesterday and he says the same thing as everybody else, you have to set a goal.  As I mentioned in my first post I do not have any goals and have not set any for a couple of years now.  The last goals I set were about three years ago.

I actually reached a few of them and instead of setting a few more and really taking another step forward in my life, I slowly quit looking at my goal sheet and allowed negative thoughts to enter my mind.  I began to read the bible less. 

I quit listening to the motivational tapes and books that I had.  Everything just stopped.  It is beyond me why I would allow this to happen but I did.

I am at a point in my life that I have isolated myself pretty much from all human contact except for my wife and kids. 

No matter what I will have some sort of goal written down by the time this day ends.